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Christmas Charity Raffle 2017 - Pedal Empire

Christmas Charity Raffle 2017


IT'S HAPPENING AGAIN!! This Christmas season instead of drawing a lucky Instagramer out of a hashtag hat we've decided to do something special that brings hope to the less fortunate while still offering you the chance to win some awesome gear!
We've teamed up with a bunch of our favourite brands to host the 2nd Pedal Empire
Christmas Charity Raffle!!
From December 11th - 17th 2017 all of the pedals on this page are in an open raffle.  Each product has a few different ticket amounts you can choose to purchase to increase your chances of winning.
All proceeds from ticket sales go directly to Gifts of Compassion, an initiative of Compassion Australia.  The more money we can raise the more funds can be spread across gifts for those in poverty-stricken nations to supply them with products, training or
services to help them out of poverty.
These are what we will aim to fund:

Goat for milk $45

Chickens $15ea

Cow to a family $275

Toothbrushes $7

Baby Vaccinations $30

Mosquito Nets $10

Sewing Machine $125

Clean Water $75 (this goes towards distributing filters and larger clean water initiatives)

Vocational Training $550 (trade qualification, Diploma in IT, commerce graduation etc)


Together we can make a difference and see some lives changed for the better and hope brought to those who have little at Christmas time!
Winners will be drawn at random at the end of the raffle and posted on Instagram as well as contacted via email.
Please go nuts!!  Buy for yourself, buy for a mate or partner, tell your friends!! Merry Christmas from all of us at Pedal Empire :)

Thanks to these amazing brands:

Barefoot Buttons

Dwarfcraft Devices

Earthquaker Devices

Goodwood Audio

Dr Scientist

Anarchy Audio

Chase Bliss Audio

Red Panda

Jackson Audio

Midnight Amplification

Old Blood Noise Endeavours

Walrus Audio

3 Monkeys Solderless

Cusack Music

Hungry Robot 

Selah Effects


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