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How do I pay for my order? 

You can pay however you like. Over the phone with Credit Card, Online with card, Paypal or Bank deposit or in store with card or cash.

What are your opening times?

We are open Mon-Fri 10:30-5pm and Sat 12-4. We are here all the time to answer your questions, deal with issues and help you get what you want/need out of you fx and gear

Why do you want my phone number when ordering?

We only want your phone number so we can put it on your parcel or if we need to courier your item the courier wont take the item without a phone number on the item. We may also use it to call you about your order.

Do you price match?

We do price match as much as we can. With the dollar fluctuating so much in recent times prices change so our website prices can differ from other websites that may have old stock from when the dollar was better. There's also some shops here in Australia that dump prices so low just to get a sale which for us doesn't pay the large expenses we have running a shop you can walk into and try pedals. We are leading the way in Australia with demo videos, amazing stock and staff and great customer service. All this costs money as you can imagine. We throw in free shipping too which the postman doesn't do for free! If you support us as your Aussie Pedal Store we will be able to build our stock and the amount of brands we carry so you have a local store with everything you can imagine. So yes please ask if you see it cheaper elsewhere. 

What if I can't find what I'm after?

Just ask. We can normally get whatever you need at a good price. Some items like Boss and a few others we can't get unless we buy the whole range! So we won't be buying 30 pedals to supply 1 tuner!

Do you have a shopfront where I can try or pickup?

YES!!! We are located at 2/12 Lucy Street Moorooka, Brisbane, Queensland! Find the details on our Contact Us page or if you click on our address in the top right corner of the home gape it will take you to a Google Map. We are located inside the Empire Studios warehouse. We also have rehearsal space and a recording studio you can come see and book!

How long till I get my Pedals ??

If your order is placed before 2pm we will ship same day. Please allow 3-6 days for standard and free post or 2-3 days for Express for your package to arrive as it depends where you are in our large country as to how fast things will be delivered. We send via Australia Post for most things as we find it the easiest and most convenient to you our customer as your purchase will be delivered to the address stated and if you are not around they leave a card and you can pick it up from your local Post Office at your convenience. Also PO Boxes are fine as well for delivery addresses. If you live in Brisbane shipping may be quicker or you can pick up from in store! Just click the 'Pick up from instore' selection on checkout and there will be no shipping costs.

What Marketing am I agreeing to when completing my order?

You will go onto our mailing list and become part of the Pedal Empire Crew! You'll receive an email every fortnight with special mailing list offers and an update on what new items are in stock or about to be in stock. We also run a few competitions so it's well worth ticking the box! Privacy is important to us therefore we will not sell or give your name or address to anyone. At any point, you can select the link at the bottom of every email to unsubscribe.

Whats the deal with the 'trade in' form?

We offer a Trade in service where you can fill out the form of what pedals you have to trade and what Pedal's you are wanting to get in return and we will send you back some trade in prices for the pedals you put on the form. Its not limited to just pedal trade in's either. You can trade power supplies, guitars, pedalboards .. Anything guitar related really! Just gives you an easier option rather than waiting for someone to buy your pedals, wait for payment and ship them individually you can just bring them in or box the whole lot up and send them to us to worry about. We then test them all and then ship out your sparkling new pedal in the post a few days later.

Is there a limit to the pedals I can trade ?

Just write down what you want to trade and don't be embarrassed if you think its a piece of junk! Just see what we say. We won't trade pedals on items we order in especially for you and we won't trade on items that are backordered or hugely popular. (like the recent Strymon releases etc) In saying that please still submit your trades as you never know what stock we have or what the situation is.

How do you get your trade in prices ?

Well we have a pretty good idea about how much most pedals sell for and we will check completed listings on Ebay and always watch the guitar forums etc . The price you get back will be under the market value as we have to allow for GST, Website fee's, our shop running costs, wages, PayPal fee's etc etc! Then also our time for listing the pedals and all that jazz. So for example if you have a Boss CS-3 that normally sells for $70 then we will probably offer you $40.. It's all on a case to case scenario so just shoot through your trade in's or call.

Where do I post them?

Post them to: 

PEDAL EMPIRE, 2/12 Lucy Street, Moorooka, QLD 4105

Do you have a return policy?

"LOVE IT Or Exchange It Within 14 Days"!
The item MUST BE sent back in the same condition it arrived in and have all the materials it arrived with (manual,warranty card,all accessories) and be packaged in the original box. Items returned in undesired condition (scratched,chipped, etc) will be subject to a restocking charge of up to 30%. Modded items will not be refunded! Postage must be paid by the purchaser to get the item returned to us and we will exchange at our discretion the amount of the products but not the postage costs. Items must arrive here within 14 days of your order being placed. Some items cannot be returned like Pedalboards you have already put velcro on, strings, pedalboard tape, Cables and DIY cable kits. Please don't use the Manufacturers box as the packing box or you will automatically be charged a 30% restocking fee! Email us BEFORE returning your items so we can resolve or sort out any problems you may have and just so we know to expect the item. You may also want to insure or register your item as we don't take responsibility for lost or damaged post.

Can you ship Internationally?

Yes just email us for a quote on what you need sent.

Can I send you some Chocolate?

Yes :)

Did I hear you have Rehearsal Rooms??

Yep, awesome ones too! Newly fitted out with RFC PA's, new lights, new carpet, new aircons where needed and even new bins :) Call us on our shop number (07) 3892 3292 to check them out or find out more!




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