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Guitar Sale!

GUITAR SALE! Use Codes at Checkout for the discount!

We are slightly overstocked on awesome guitars so we have a guitar sale on this week until Monday 15th April! 10% off all used guitars and 15% off all new guitars!! Thats 15% off Reverend, Pure Salem, VeritasConway guitars AND Bat Cat amps! Some of these are already discounted so some are up to 25% OFF! Code is Guitar15


Get 10% off all Used guitars and basses Including Fender, Tokai, Greco, Fernades and everything else we have in stock!! Code is Guitar10

This is for IN STOCK items only. Shipping to areas outside of metro may incur a shipping charge but we are happy to go halves on that. Please get in contact for details. We only charge what the shipping rates are and we have pretty good rates!

Codes are Guitar15 for new guitars and Guitar10 for used guitars!!