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The Gigrig Isolator

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  TheGigRig Isolator - All of the power, none of the weight TheGigRig Isolator is the crowning glory of our modular power supply solution. Each of the Isolator's 4 outputs delivers a very clean, isolated 9v DC supply and is enginered to provide the ultimate power for your 9v pedals....



TheGigRig Isolator - All of the power, none of the weight

TheGigRig Isolator is the crowning glory of our modular power supply solution. Each of the Isolator's 4 outputs delivers a very clean, isolated 9v DC supply and is enginered to provide the ultimate power for your 9v pedals. Its compact, lightweight design also helps keeps your pedalboard light and small, free from bulky, heavy power supplies.

Using a combination of the Generator, Distributors, Isolators and adapters, the system can be configured to provide isolated power to nearly every pedal and every voltage out there.

Setting the Isolator(s) up on your pedal board could not be easier. Each Isolator comes with 4 cut-to-length solderless dc power cables. You simply cut the dc cables to the length you need, then plug the cables into the terminal block. The black side goes into the black tab and the white stripe side goes into the white tab. Press each tab down and the cables are connected, there's no need for solder!
Desinged to work as part of TheGigRig Modular Power Supply, you can power as many Isolators as you need using the Generator and Distributor.

Check out these examples

Example 1 - Small Board (4 standard 9v pedals)

In this example the Isolator is powered directly from the Generator. This gives you 4 powerful 9v DC isolated outputs, perfect for a small pedalboard.

Simple, compact, and very powerful.

Example 2 - Medium Board (4 standard 9v pedals plus 5 more high current outputs from the Distributor)

In this example we're using the Distributor to power the Isolator which in turn provides isolated power to 4 standard 9v DC pedals. The Distributor also powers the Virtual Battery (VB-DC) for the Cry Baby wah as well as the ACA-AOK for the old BOSS CE-2 chorus pedal.
On top of this, the Distributor also powers the TimeLord adapter, the high current adapter we designed for the Strymon series of effects pedals including the TimeLine delay.

For a proffesional quality medium sized pedalboard, this bundle gives you plenty of options,

Example 3 the MEGA board
In this example we've added a second Isolator to the board for 4 more isolated 9v DC outputs. Both of these Isolators are powered by the outputs from a Distributor, and we use the other 4 Distributor outputs to power various high current adapters such as the 9-24v ElectroMan adapter for the old Electro-Harmonix Memory Man.

So you can see, this modular system can be configured to power almost any pedal, works in any country in the world without the need for step-up or step-down transformers.


Q. What's the difference between the Isolator and Distributor?

A. The Isolator has 4 individualy isolated outputs that can provide 9v DC at 180mA of current. The Distributor shares an earth on all of its 6 outputs which are not isolated. This means it can provide a huge amount of current to power the Isolators and High Current Adapters. To use multiple Isolators, simply connect them to the Distributors outputs.

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