This jam - packed analog, monophonic guitar synthesizer will get you groovin’ no matter what your style is..

The Bit Commander does not see any of the shortcomings of synth pedals; it’s tracking is extremely fast and receptive. This allows the player to continue their single note runs and all of your soloing skills. It has the added features of an octave up fuzz and a square wave distortion.
The “Commander” contains a -1 octave and -2 octave function; these combined with the traditional analog synth makes a authentic and believable sound along with a surprising easy playability. However! Earthquaker Devices recommend that you should be playing the Bit Commander from the 7th fret up to get the best results, but us real noise makers see no problem playing below that.

One of the features that really pushed this pedal over the edge for me (in a good way) is the versatility. The octave up voicing is great by itself but when it is used in effect with other fuzz or distortion pedals you gain a unique sound. This versatility allows this synth an ease of access when pedal and on your pedal board.

Overall this pedal packs a serious punch with the noise making ability and some off the grid tones, however unlike some synths the Bit Commander has enough versatility to be used consistently for your solo’s or can be tamed enough to be used throughout your jams.

We also cannot ignore. It has a sick name too.