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Pedal Empire's "Pedals Of The Year" for 2020!! - Pedal Empire

Pedal Empire's "Pedals Of The Year" for 2020!!

Here are our favourite releases for 2020! There were so many great pedals but the ones we chose really stood out both in innovation and sound with really great ideas and amazing sounds and creativity. We loved making these videos so I thought I'd do a quick blog to give you the details!

Click Here for the playlist with the 3 videos we did for this!

The winners we chose were:

3rd - Spaceman Effects Sputnik. For being a crazy good fuzz but also so many cool options and a transformer inside so you can pout this fuzz anywhere in your signal chain and it will act the same! There's not many Germanium Fuzz's like this!! Amazing stuff. Check out the Sputnik HERE

2nd - Cooper FX Arcades - This pedal takes it's origins in design from the Arcade game consoles of the 80's. Thing Atari, Commodore 64, Nintendo.. you know.. all the good ones! You get a cartridge and load it in for 8 new sounds. Theres all sorts of cards that all inspire a new different creative vibe that I truly find inspiring. Check out the Arcades HERE

1st - Chase Bliss Automatones! Chase Bliss Collaborated with Benson for the PreAmp MkII and with Meris to make the CXM 1978 Reverb. Both of these units are incredible with flying faders, looks to kill and features like you haven't seen before! For both studio, gigging and home use these pedals will be at the top of the pile for innovation for some time. Fun AND amazing tones.. How did they do it? Not sure but thats why they win! Check out the Automatones HERE! 


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