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Best-Tronics - Pedal Empire


Best-Tronics offers the music professional a durable, high quality product. Our line of assemblies provide the best performance and value in the music industry today. Best-Tronics' expertise in cable assembly, choice components, and quality assurance has enabled to offer premium audio assemblies at affordable prices with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.'s engineered construction provides the user with tour quality assemblies that will withstand the harshest conditions on the road. As an owner of Best-Tronics and a musician for over 20 years, it has been my goal to offer high end custom pro audio assemblies direct to the consumer at competitive prices. Even our most affordable lines are far better than the assemblies you'll find at any music store or catalog house at the same price. Every customer receives the same prompt service, care, and respect that each high profile client on our user's list receives.

Manufacturing: All cable assemblies are made in Best-Tronics' modern 60,000 sq. ft facility in Tinley Park, IL U.S.A. Every cable is 100% tested for continuity and isolation of the circuitry, we do not lot test. There is lot code traceability for every component used in each assembly as well as any operator who worked on the assembly. All cables are designed and thoroughly tested for quality, durability, and sound by musicians before we add the product to our line. We use WBT Silver Solder and our operators are trained per IPC/WHMA-A-620 standard.