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Black Arts Toneworks

Our Mission at Black Arts Toneworks is to provide the most useful toneshaping tools at the most reasonable price. We do this while maintaining the personalised customer service you should expect when dealing with a small company. We enjoy providing the seasoned pro, the weekend warrior as well as the bedroom knob fiddler with performance, reliability and punishing dirt tones expected from Black Arts. We say it loud! We’re Black and we’re proud!

Black Arts Toneworks has been building pedals since 2010, in various nefarious locations around the USA. The Current BAT cave is located in the hills of the lovely Scenic City of Chattanooga Tn. At this time there are 2 full time, and few part-time helpers around the cave. We are small, but we do our best to offer the best service, the best sounding devices per OUR taste of tones,and enough volume to scare your neighbours.


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