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BYOC Pedal Kits

BYOC Pedal Kits

 BYOC certainly wasn't the first company to start selling DIY electronics kits for musicians.  Or even DIY FX kits specifically for guitarists.But BYOC was the first company to begin selling DIY electronics kits for guitarists that were based on the circuits that guitar players actually wanted.  In 2004, BYOC began as a "kitchen table"business with only 3 kits:  the Fuzz Face, Tonebender, and Rangemaster, and they came with point to point eyelet boards.  Today BYOC leads the way in DIY FX kits for guitarists.  With distribution in Canada, Europe, Australia, Great Britain, and Asia, and over 25 thousand kits sold worldwide, BYOC is the gold stand for DIY FX.  And our goal has not changed - to bring guitar players a product that is more than just some DIY effects project that merely "works", but a complete stompbox that will rival or surpass any of the big name boutique pedals on the market today.


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