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Demedash Effects - Pedal Empire

Demedash Effects

Demedash Effects is a small, boutique operation that specializes in sonically & visually striking effects. 

An Electrical Engineer by education & trade, I started building  effects for myself during my degree as a hobby. Later, I realized I  could tie my love of Graphic Design in with my love of music and  electronics, and began designing custom effects for local musicians, who  continue to challenge me with new design and modification requests,  much to my delight.

The positive response and repeat customers that I've gotten over the  past few years fortified my belief that as a good builder, I should be  willing to put my name on my work. And so that's what I have done in  opening Demedash Effects. 

Everything I make is hand-wired with love, tweaked to taste by ear,  and intended for someone who appreciates the quality craftsmanship that  comes with building effects by hand, one by one.