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Horrothia FX

Horrothia FX

Horrothia was started by myself after many years as a recording engineer in studios, as a production sound engineer in theatres all over the world, and as a developer of custom audio boxes to aid sound designers and operators. 

I started building effects pedals after a charismatic university tutor showed me the basics in an electronics class in the early 00's.  A rack analogue octave up and down with expression pedal was my graduation piece for university.

Since those early days, I've continued to make pedals.  Always eager to try out new techniques, to integrate digital elements, or expand on inspiration from found sounds or exotic or weird pieces of equipment.

Large scale, internationally touring theatre taught me to cut corners at my own expense.  The gig MUST happen, and repeat the same night after night without hiccup.  In that world, dual redundant systems, finite control and the highest fidelity of sound reproduction are taken for granted.  I figured, why not lend some of that robustness and finesse to effects pedals?

  • $489.00

    Teeth was a necessary evolution.  'Straight into amp' clean was always dull, especially at volumes correct for small stages, or late night recordin...

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  • $379.00

    A high-end front end for all, from clean to nasty.  Born of the same DNA as the Teeth, the Triage has your boost, grit and level covered.  Elem...

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  • $769.00

    “It started as a challenge between friends.   I was at Richie Peters’ place. I’d taken him a Type One to play with and record some videos.  We did...

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  • $399.00

    The Horrothia Type One is THE nostalgic chorus sound from the mid-1970's. It embraces the unique and instantly recognisable swirling waveform of a ...

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