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JHS Pedals

JHS Pedals

JHS Pedals is the result of Joshua Scott's desire for quality effects that would stand out in the crowd. From years of live playing and studio work, these mods and custom effects were born. There are a lot of companies and boutique effects makers out their but JHS strives to bring the highest quality and best prices to real everyday musicians. Every pedal is built by hand in an environment where real musicians make sure that you get the tone and reliability you need to make great music day after day. Another thing that sets us apart is the ability to make your ideas, needs and creativity become a reality with a custom built pedal. There is nothing like one on one personal advice from people who know how to get the sounds that you need. Thats what JHS specialises in, making you sound like you've always wanted. No deceptive marketing, no hocus pocus, just the pedals you need to be heard.


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