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Lava Cable - Pedal Empire

Lava Cable

Just after forming Lava Cable, Mark deployed to Afghanistan with a U.S. Army Special Forces Battalion. Excited about getting his business up and running, he took a roll of Canare GS-6 into combat with him, making cables for his fellow soldiers and the local Morale, Welfare and Recreation center in his off-time.

By January 2006, Mark added 12 more brands of cable to his line up - bringing more than 80% of the world’s instrument cable designs into his shop, making Lava Cable unique among cable manufacturers. From closely examining all these different cables Mark created his own brand of guitar cables and plugs: Lava.

Since its inception, the purpose of Lava Cable has been to develop and produce innovative cable and accessory products for Music Industry using U.S. manufacturers and the best metals, materials and plug designs to provide its customers with a good-better-best solution for their cable needs.

Many of these product designs have significantly improved upon existing concepts, such as the Lava Solder Free Pedal Board system and the Clear Connect cable.Lava Cable both educates its customers about the importance of quality cables and provides detailed information about each product so customers can make an informed buying decision.During its’ seven years of existence, Lava Cable has introduced more than 25 new cable and accessory products to the Music Industry.  Lava Cable products have now been sold in more than 70 countries and more than 350 stores in 30 countries stock its products.