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Lichtlaerm Audio

Lichtlaerm Audio

Do you remember the first time you´ve put an effects pedal between your guitar and your amp? Yeah, me too:

The same three boring notes you´ve been playing for years now suddenly unfold into something meaningful, telling you exactly why you kept playing them for years and years: because they had so much potential to be unlocked! That feeling is what made me into - as everyone said - “the pedal guy” and that is also exactly the feeling that we want to give you over and over again!
Combining meticulous craftsmanship, the best electrical components available and an adventurous, yet sophisticated approach to circuit design itself we´re trying to give you unique sounding, flexible and durable devices that live up to modern-day studio standards as well as being road worthy companions on the stages of this world! Last but not least our devices are topped off with our signature style of artworks and choice of colours to breathe life and soul into each and everyone of them!

We´re always glad to get your feedback on everything we make to guide us on the neverending path to perfection!

love // Daniel