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The brand
products, which are marketed under the name Rock-Cable ®, have become well established in the 7 years since the brand was founded in 2004 in the music industry. Both professional and semi-professional artists appreciate the significant product advantages and extremely good value for money, thanks to which we can achieve optimum production efficiency and offer.

The cost-Rock-Cable ® line includes a wide range of audio products, and cables for video applications and offers a professional alternative. In addition to noise-reducing technologies such as "Cermet" capacity and optimized materials are advantages which can not be with other products this price range.

Quality features
all audio cables from Rock-Cable ® are soldered by hand and are assembled with metal REAN ® connectors. These connectors have gold-plated or nickel-plated contact surfaces and feature molded-strain relief bushings, which can be opened in case of service problems. Rock-Cable ® products meet all the necessary requirements and are available thanks to good production efficiency at competitive prices.

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