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We like it hot. Well, not “hot” exactly, more like “warm.” See, we hail from the Great White North—45.5017° N, 73.5673° W (that’s Montreal, Canada for our readers who are not currently in possession of a Garmin GPS unit). Up here, things get cold, so we count on our effects units to bring the warmth.

This warmth is what made our founder, Greg Djerrahian, fall in love with vintage effects in the first place. But Greg wasn’t content holing up in an igloo surrounded by Fuzz Faces forever—that was a fun winter, sure, but no way to live... No, Greg wanted to push the boundaries of effects pedals to blend the aforementioned warmth with the clarity, response and tone expected from modern day electronics.

So, he did. And today, a decade and a half on, Greg and the rest of the SGFX team here have developed countless innovative features and versatile effects that help artists redefine the boundaries of their music. From ripping fuzz to earth-shaking filters to secret-tonal-weapon utilities, all SolidGoldFX pedals are built entirely in our Montreal shop and are individually tested, inspected, and approved by Greg himself before making their way onto your pedalboard.