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The Leech Pedal

The Leech is a pedal that I wish had been around for a long time, that I finally decided to create. I didn’t want to create a pedal that is just another yadda-yadda boost or overdrive or distortion, etc. Although those are many of my favourite pedals, I was determined to contribute something new to the guitar pedal world - which is tough since there are so many awesome and inventive pedals out there! With the feature-set of The Leech, I think I’ve made a humble innovation to the great wide world of guitar pedals; a variable boost with an effects loop that is surrounded with circuitry, intended to be an influential front-end to you favourite pedals. I daresay this is the world's first “prepedal”, rather than “preamp”. In this way, I was determined to cultivate the idea of creating one piece of gear that is made to interact with and change all of the existing gear someone already has and loves. It’s so tempting to chase after your tone by buying every pedal you can afford, but I thought a more interesting (and humane) approach would be to give one piece of gear that reinvents everything you have - in a sense, giving you many new pedal sounds but only having to acquire one new thing - The Leech Pedal!
  • $279.00

    Introducing “The Leech” guitar pedal. This highly variable boost/overdrive features an innovative effects loop that is surrounded by circuitry, al...

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