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Custom PedalBoard Builds

If you follow us on Social Media you would have seen we do a fair few pedalboard builds and setups. If you just want your board to work well, powered correctly and not be all over the place everytime you open your case we can help you out! Anything from a small fly rig that needs to be as small as possible all the way up to a full touring rig with all manner of midi, amp and fx switching. We can do the lot. 

Email or call us to discuss what you need doing and we can price up what you need done. We have most things in stock like, boards, power supplies, power cables, patch leads etc so we very rarely get held up by waiting for something we didn't know we needed for builds as we are the ones most people are buying that stuff from! 

Here's some recent work we have done! The top board is Ian Haug's rig from 'The Church' (ex Powderfinger). This was built a year and a half ago and has already done 3+ trips to the US and Europe plus a huge amount of Aussie shows!


Ian Haug Board build


Boss Pedalboard build

Sensai Pedalboard build

Custom PedalBoard build 1