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Private Collector Guitar Sale July 14 + 15 at Pedal Empire!!

Join us on Saturday the 14th and Sunday the 15th of July 2018 for a weekend of Fender, Gibson and collectible guitars and amps being sold here at our store!
Everything from Student to semi pro and highly collectible gear will be on sale and priced to sell. This is a private collector who has decided it's time to sell off the collection. Coffee all day and a sausage sizzle will be on as well!

We won't have pricing sorted until the day so please don't email or call asking for prices as we just don't have them to give. We know that items will be priced cheaper than the market value but we haven't been given pricing yet. Also this will be a local event, these items will not be available online or able to be shipped (unless we buy some!) You will need to come down to the shop over the weekend 14 and 15 of July to check out what is available and what is on offer.

Heres some of what will be here!


  • Fender P Bass Made in Japan 1983. Sunburst, Rosewood, MINT, Original H Case
  • Fender Strat USA Custom Lace Pickups, Plush case
  • Fender Hank Marvin Strat LTD ED. 1999. 100% orig.
  • Fender USA Strat, 1950's classic  Custom Sunburst, hard case
  • Fender USA Strat 1957 Reissue Tweed case .New unplayed Made 2000.
  • Fender American Std Tele . Select Ash Body upgrade. Rosewood. 4 bolt tilt neck ALL AMERICAN Orig case.
  • Fender 40th Anniversary P Bass No 271 of only 400 made1992.With letter of auth .signed by THE  John  Page himself . Ebony board Birds eye neck Quilt/ Flame body.  New .unplayed in plush hard case
  • Fender 50th Anniversary Tele All American Maple Neck Gold H Ware 100% orig .1996.unplayed Tweed case
  • Fender ESQUIRE  Relic  USA  Custom.Sounds and plays amazing .Neck Bill Lawrence USA HB pickup
  • Fender 50th Anniversary  JAZZ BASS. LTD numbers made.New unplayed .RARE  5 String Model.Gold fittings
  • Fender Closet Strat Relic  CUSTOM  MADE USA
  • Fender 1951-2001  COMMEMORATIVE P BASS. LTD ED.With letter of auth signed by BILL SCHULTZ  the owner of Fender. Tweed case  .A VERY hard model to find.
  • Fender  BIG  APPLE Strat .LTD Very hard to find these anywhere.100% orig 2x Seymour Duncan hot humbucker pickups. Case and candy  All American
  • (possibly coming) Fender Jaguar Original  1963  MINT orig case
  • Gibson SG USA 1997 red  Plush Case
  • Gibson PETE  TOWNSEND SG Signature New unplayed, plush case
  • Gibson SG-1 LTD ED USA 1997 One Humbucker, coil tap, 100%  orig w Hard case
  • Gibson Les Paul Special FE red 1998 New, Plush case
  • Gibson Les Paul Go;d  Top 1957 LTD reissue /Unplayed .100 % orig. Plush case . Guitar signed by LES PAUL himself and a photo of him signing. made 1997
  • Gibson Les Paul TRADITIONAL 2010 USA. Pro Exclusive Model. 100% orig, New unplayed.
  • BURNS SHADOWS CUSTOM Signature LTD No 157 of only 500 made. Cert of Auth signed by Hank Marvin and Bruce Welch, Deluxe case and lots of candy
  • BURNS .Hank Marvin Signature reissue.100%orig.New .unplayed Plush case and lots of candy.This one is in shaded green and there were  only 50 made for the whole  world.Same color as Elvis used.  With cert of auth
  • BURNS Hank Marvin Signature  in original white.2004.100%new and orig. Plush case and lots of candy
  • Hofner 500 / 1 Vintage 63 Beatle Bass, MINT. Flight case, made 2005
  • Ovation Breadwinner, White Factory soft case
  • BC RICH Warlock  .Signed by all members of  SLAYER. With a leather studded wrist band from Kerry  King letter of auth. hard plush case
  • Coronet, [Teisco] 4 string bass C 1966. Good action and player
  • Coronet  .Gretsch White Falcon copy. C 1968. Marketed by CBS. Looks cool and plays hot. plush case
  • Rickenbacker  360-12  V64 12 String electric .100% orig in  factory H case.Excellent sound, player and action
  • Epiphone  Slasher LTD.Black  Collectors model .only made in 2001.2x HOT  E Series pickups. With GATOR plush hard case.
  • Fender Showman 1964. Cream tolex, rare 2x12 cab.MINT> Sounds big , fat and clean. Converted to 240v
  • Fender SuperTwin Combo 1978. 100% orig.160 Watts RMS, Bloody loud and proud 2x12
  • Fender 1959 Bassman LTD  4x 10 combo As new
  • Fender PA 100 Head only 100 watts. 4 channel. plus reverb Great guitar and keyboard amp.
  • Fender PA 160 All Valve 160 Watt PA head 1974
  • Vadis. Series 3 .Extended range, head and 3x12 cab .orig amazing tone C1968.
  • VOX  Virtuoso. 2x10 Combo  Custom 30 watt all valve Great tone  C 1965.
  • VOX AD120VTH head 2007/2008 120watt 60x60 stereo 12ax7 preamp built in effects. reverb, delay, stereo leslie, stereo chorus. Comes with Vox foot controller
  • Leslie Model 18 Speaker box complete.2 speed rotation.Great sound
  • Overeem .3x 12 PA  Columns. Excellent condition and sound
  • LENARD. GB 100 Bass Head and 4x12 cab.C 1972.  All valve.
  • VASE PA speaker cabs x2. empty
  • VASE 60 watt Trendsetter Deluxe New .Flight cases
  • VASE tremsetter deluxe 1972 60watt (owned by ronnie green and the ramblers) ohm variable 4/8/16 2x 2x12 cabs original map12pq speakers
  • Goldentone 60watt reverb master 3x 12inch speakers
  • Goldentone 5watt combo

There will also be quite a few more guitars than this on the day as well as a hefty pedal selection from yours truley :)